Thanksgiving Traditions: Old and New

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate! All about family, gratitude, and, of course, food! Here are some of our favorite traditions to celebrate year after year and new ones that we are looking forward to start with the next generation!

Thankfulness Countdown: Beginning on the first day of November, each member of our family writes one thing they are grateful for. We love to fill our entire month with thoughts of gratitude and we enjoy reading and reflecting on Thanksgiving Day.

The Macy’s Day Parade: Since we live on the west coast, we are up bright and early to watch the parade each year! We love having it on in the background as we start to prep all of our favorite snacks and desserts for the big day. Find out how you can watch at

Kids Table and Crafts: One of my favorite memories growing up as a child was sitting at the kids table with all of my cousins. While the adults are busy chatting and cooking, my grandmother had crafts and art activities to keep up occupied throughout the day. When the feast began, all of the kids sat at our special table to have our own conversations and laughter! If you’re short on time, we love this Thanksgiving themed box from Kiwi Crate:

Post-Feast Nature Walk: Before the post-meal coma sets in, we love to get out into the fresh air and walk off some of those calories before dessert. In most places, we see the last vestiges of Autumn around this time before winter truly sets in, so there isn’t a better time to get outdoors!

Long Distance Phone Calls or FaceTime Chats: While we would love to have all of our family with us for the holidays, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. One thing we love to do to celebrate holidays and milestones is to have a big, family FaceTime session. Yes, it always seems to be a scramble of hook ups and wires at the last minute, but seeing faraway loved ones on the big screen makes us forget the distance for a while!

Share some of your favorite cherished family traditions with us! Wanting to host a get together? Check out our rentals equipped with large kitchens, eating areas, and enough bedrooms for all your family and friends! See our availability at


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