The Best Beach You’ve Never Heard Of

We all know Nassau, Bahamas.  Everyone you know has been to South Beach, Miami.  Your Grandmother goes on and on about the white sands of Destin, Florida.  But there’s a beach destination that is affordable and a little dangerous, Los Roques, Venezuela.

A relatively short flight from Miami, Florida, after you get through security, Los Roques is a very small archipelago about a 45-minute flight from the capital city Caracas.  You will hear lots of chatter about crime and danger when you consider a destination like this.  But that only adds to the intrigue of the trip, and it’s not actually very dangerous if you exercise basic common sense.

Once you get past that, you are free to enjoy what insiders consider the most beautiful beaches in the world.  There are many keys to visit off the main island.  You can swim with turtles, or enjoy a completely private island the size of a putting green.  Take the road less traveled, it really does make all the difference.

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